Most U.SK Under Skin customers and skincare product devotees pay excellent attention to the most visible area of the body that gets the most attention – the face. The skin in the facial region is delicate, and also receives a lot of sun exposure, so you’re right to take extra care to cleanse, tone, and treat this area daily. However, we’ve noticed a trend: while many customers are taking fantastic care of their face through hydrating skincare, and sticking to their daily skincare regime, another vulnerable region may be getting neglected. We’re here to remind you: Don’t forget your neck! The skin on the neck is similarly delicate, can lose elasticity with age, and even be vulnerable to signs of aging due to the muscular makeup below the skin, which can cause sagging, loss of tone, or a crepey appearance, as we age. The more we focus on hydrating skincare targeted to maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin on the neck region, the fewer reparative efforts you’ll need to make in the years ahead!



U.SK Under Skin offers a range of powerfully effective products to help you treat your skin in the neck region as carefully as you care for your face. If you are using our perfect gentle cleanser and perfect hydra calming toner or perfect balance toner, you’re already off to a great start! Just make sure that in performing your morning and nightly skincare regimes, you pay special attention to treat your neck region, which is sometimes forgotten, especially when we’re in a hurry. After cleansing and toning to remove any impurities and prime the skin for treatment and moisturizing products, we recommend following up with two hydrating skincare formulas that will undoubtedly keep your neck looking youthful: U.SK Under Skin SUPER C Restorative cream and U.SK Under Skin Desire Sculpt Serum.


The SUPER C Restorative cream is an excellent product to layer on beneath your daily SPF! Formulated by the world’s leading skincare scientists, this hydrating skincare powerhouse contains vitamins C and E in a highly penetrative, non-greasy formula that brightens and evens skin tone, delivers potent antioxidants and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Some added benefits include advanced protection against environmental damage and collagen degradation, both primary identified culprits when it comes to causing signs of aging in the skin. By providing cellular protection and reducing the everyday damage caused by UV radiation, the SUPER C Restorative cream is an item you definitely want in your hydrating skincare arsenal. When used in combination with an effective SPF, this product will effectively help to treat and eliminate the typical fine lines and other signs of aging in the neck. Once you have your morning hydrating skincare routine established, you can consider adding a restorative nighttime serum or cream that packs a punch in reversing signs of aging in the neck area. We highly recommend the U.SK Under Skin Desire Sculpt Serum. This serum contains a combination of purified peptides for cell repair that work on cell pathways to reverse fine lines and loss of firmness. Overall, adding a product like U.SK Under Skin’s Desire Sculpt Serum to your PM skincare regime will provide substantial benefits for mature skin in the face and neck areas, while helping to correct advanced damage. You will see an immediate tightening action and plumping effects with continued use.

If you take care to include products like the SUPER C Restorative cream and Desire Sculpt Serum to your AM and PM hydrating skincare routine, and pay attention to the area below your chin as well as the skin in the facial region, you’ll be well on your way to a lifetime of youthful, glowing skin. Just remember: Don’t forget your neck!

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