Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow rave about their addictions to consistent exfoliation, and it’s no surprise. There is no better way to keep the skin’s surface healthy, glowing, and unclogged of the impurities and dead skin cells that can create an uneven, ruddy texture when applying makeup!

During the summer, we are (hopefully!) slathering on layers of chemical or physical SPFs, and putting our skin through a bit more than usual: trips to the beach or out on the boat, traveling to tropical destinations, even day-to-day runs and outdoor workouts in hotter climates. Add this to your daily mix of topical products from serums and creams and cosmetics, that mix with the natural oils in our skin and perspiration; and this environment can create an almost impenetrable film on the skin’s surface layer that clogs pores and doesn’t allow skin to breathe.

The best and most natural way to rid your skin of the increased toxins and impurities that build up on active summer days, is by sloughing it off regularly and saying “sayonara” to dead skin cells, with a scientifically advanced, natural scrub like U.SK Under Skin Perfect Rice Scrub. This scrub has been one of our most popular products since the beginning, and with good reason! Not only does the Perfect Rice Scrub gently and effectively exfoliate the dead layers of skin from the facial and decolletage areas, it does so without the scratching, abrasion or chemical harshness of so many other products. This scrub softens and smooths, removing toxins, impurities and dead cells, revealing smooth, soft, glowing skin underneath. Its calming, smoothing and powerful antioxidant effects give your skin additional antiaging and protective benefits from free radicals, too! Bonus: this product is waterway friendly as it doesn't contain polyethylene beads!


Perfect Rice Scrub


One factor in selecting the best quality exfoliant scrub for your face is the protection of your skin’s “barrier function,” or in scientific terms: the stratum corneum cells. The skin has a delicate protective barrier, which retains necessary moisture in its deeper levels. This moisture is what keeps the skin plump, taut and youthful! Once the moisture barrier is damaged, it can be difficult to rebuild and heal it, requiring months of care, and extra attention paid to sun care! This is why our scientists at U.SK carefully developed the Perfect Rice Scrub to remove only dead surface skin cells, while protecting the stratum corneum cells, fully maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. When you’re spending days in the sun, laying out on the beach or swimming in the ocean, the skin can lose moisture, so it is important to know that you’re using the very best exfoliating scrub that keeps your pores clear, and your skin protected and moisturized!

Rice Body Scrub

As if all of this weren’t enough to have you stockpiling U.SK Perfect Rice scrub for your summer adventures, there is still a huge added bonus that this product packs. The Perfect Rice Scrub actually does double duty, functioning as an ideal exfoliant, and as a skin brightener, effectively lightening and improving sun spots! In other words, this is Summer’s perfect product. If you apply the scrub as a mask to lightly dampened skin, allowing it to remain on the skin for 10-15 minutes, and then scrub and rinse, you will start to see its amazing brightening effects in your glowing complexion! Summer doesn’t get any easier than this. Grab your Perfect Rice Scrub, a swimming suit, and you’re officially ready to head into Summer with a glow!

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