At U.SK Under Skin, we think that nurses and aestheticians deserve some extra appreciation for all the work they do and the care they offer to patients. That’s why we’re launching a new series featuring them, picking their brains about skin care tips, and sharing our thanks for keeping us looking and feeling our best!

Chelsea ZysekThis month, we want you to meet Chelsea Zysek from The Aesthetic Centers and Beauty Agents. Chelsea is a Board Certified Physician Assistant. While in school at Pace University – Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, she fell in love with plastic and reconstructive surgery, and relocated to California to pursue her dream of being a surgical and aesthetic clinician. A people person, Chelsea has a passion for guiding patients through their aesthetic journeys to looking and feeling their best. Outside of work, she loves to do hot yoga, travel and spend time with her friends. Chelsea has been assisting Dr. Agha in surgery and caring for patient’s pre and post-operatively since 2017.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with U.SK Under Skin products:

What made you decide to offer U.SK to your patients?

Recommending U.SK Under Skin products to my patients is a no brainer, because these products are tried and tested, and it’s true that they produce results! About four months ago, I started using a specific U.SK regimen. Initially, I tried out more than twelve of their products. I could tell that my skin was quickly changing from the inside out. Since I’ve switched to exclusively using Under Skin products on my face and my skin is clean and smooth, my breakouts have completely stopped, and the texture of my skin, and my overall complexion is the best it’s ever been! U.SK truly evens out your skin tone and brightens your complexion. I’ve never felt so passionate about a specific skin care line, because every single product is so special, and there are products customized for every skin type. I especially love that the products are all medical-grade; clean beauty that smells and feels so fresh!

Which product is most popular at your practice?

Honestly, everyone should be using the Advanced Defense Booster, which I call the “multi-vitamin serum for any skin-type” because it contains antioxidants, peptides, minerals and hyaluronic acid. Not only does it help repair cells from damage caused by free radicals and environmental pollution and toxins – it also provides deep moisture, and skin regeneration, improves pigmentation, acne, scars and rosacea! With 82% melanoma whitening, how much more could one product do? It’s my all-in-one pick.

Which product is your personal favorite and why?

My favorite product is the Super C Restorative Cream. It contains 20% vitamins C and E, and I love it because it’s totally changed my complexion. Within only a few weeks my skin was already brighter, firmer and better hydrated. Plus I love the added antioxidants in this product!

What ways of using U.SK products are unique to your practice?

We started combining a specific U.SK regimen with our practice’s micro-coring skin tightening / wrinkle reduction device called Ellacor, and that combination has become really popular. The best thing you can do for your skin is to start using U.SK faithfully in order to change your skin intracellularly. When used pre and post-procedure, U.SK products prevent and treat hyperpigmentation, inflammation and aging. They protect the skin while promoting a beautiful “glow”. U.SK can really speed up recovery after a procedure, and optimize your results long-term.

We can see why Chelsea is a patient favorite at The Aesthetic Centers and Beauty Agents. She really pays attention to how the products work for different skin types, and looks for multi-tasking formulas that help her patients simplify their skincare routines. And she’s willing to try them out on her own, too! She would definitely be our first call, when we’re looking for skincare recommendations and tips!