With patient deposit, U.SK Advanced Defense Booster is a powerful night antioxidant, which repairs the skin from environmental damages. Serum protects collagen against glycation and effects of pollution, prevents wrinkle formation, aside from providing immediate and long lasting moisturizing action

São Paulo – Under Skin launches U.SK Advanced Defense Booster, a powerful night antioxidant serum from the U.SK Anti-Aging collection. The booster defends and recovers the skin harmed by environmental damages (UV rays, stress and pollution), provides moisturizing action immediately and in a long lasting way, aside from promoting restructuring of collagen and granting antiglycating action. The product leverages night cell renewal and has U.SK Biocomplex™, the brand’s exclusive complex with patient deposit.

According to the development director and pharmacist Silvana Masiero, the product is an antioxidant booster, because it has three active ingredients in high concentration for this purpose. “One of them is U.SK Biocomplex™, an exclusive combination that associates olive leaf extracts with biopeptides, micronutrients and vectorized hyaluronic acid,” she explains. In accordance with the dermatologist and Under Skin’s scientific consultant, Dr. Claudia Marçal U.SK Advanced Defense Booster increases the natural antioxidant defense against the effects of external damages on the skin, promotes whitening actions and recovers skin tissue thickness. A complete product and with multiple benefits.

The dermatologist emphasizes that exposure to smoke, pollution and stress generates oxygen reacting species on the skin. “These situations stimulate pro-inflammatory messengers, which are going to reduce the synthesis of collagen and elastin. This si going to unleash a premature aging process, as well as a shortening of the telomeres (essential in the control of cell division),” the brand’s scientific consultant explains. “Aside from this, pollution, specifically, activates the Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor, which impedes the activation of the Transforming Growth Factor, which stimulates the cell to produce collagen. As this Growth Factor is at the dermoepidermal junction, without its collagen production, the skin becomes more flaccid and with more wrinkles,” the dermatologist completes. In other words, the oxidative stress caused by pollution generates inflammation and cellular death, with consequent appearance of stains, wrinkles and sagging.

To combat these problems, U.SK Advanced Defense Booster has U.SK Biocomplex™ in combination with maslinic and ferulic acids. “U.SK Biocomplex™ presents calming and protective properties against environmental oxidative stress caused mainly by pollution. Thus, it is a combination capable of neutralizing free radicals, preventing skin aging, increasing skin elasticity, protecting against damages caused by UVB radiation and stimulating collagen synthesis,” the brand’s scientific consultant explains. The development manager Silvana Masiero explains that the olive leaf extracts of U.SK Biocomplex™ have antioxidant activity, demonstrating clinical and scientific evidences in the reduction of cellular death and in the increase of elasticity. “Aside from this, the product has complementary whitening action, since it promotes antioxidant action against oxygen reacting species (which unleash the formation of pigments on the skin) after photoexposure and, for containing Hydroxytyrosol, present in the olive leaf, which inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme (precursor of melanin production) with result similar to that of kojic acid,” the dermatologist explains.

The complex also has biopeptides with defensive and protective action (reducing DNA fragmentation and cell apoptosis after exposure to UV radiation) and antiglycating activity, impeding the glycation phenomenon - which occurs when sugar compromises the collagen fibers, leaving the skin less flexible. Now the vectorized hyaluronic acid of U.SK Biocomplex™ promotes skin moisturizing action immediately and in a long lasting way - in the course of a day, according to confirmation by studies. “Vectorized hyaluronic acid delivers active silicon which, absorbed by the cell, increases the regenerative multiplying capacity, ensuring the restructuring of connective tissue, contributing toward cell renewal,” the dermatologit adds. The micronutrients (zinc, copper, manganese and magnesium) supply energy to the cell, neutralize the action of free radicals and favor the biosynthesis of collagen and elastin.

In order to complete the formulation, U.SK Advanced Defense Booster brings two more acids recognized for antioxidant action. “The ferulic and maslinic acids are nanoencapsulated in the formulation, ensuring high penetration, reaching the dermoepidermal junction and increasing elasticity with stimulus of the fibroblast,” the pharmacist Silvana Masiero argues. Ferulic acid has known antioxidant action, softening wrinkles and facial lines. Now maslinic acid presents potent anti-inflammatory action and works as a powerful skin regenerator, redensifying the dermis and the epidermis. “Maslinic acid also provides significant reduction of skin redness and sunburns,” the dermatologist explains.

Indications — The product is indicated for all types of skin; it is preferably for night use, after daily cleaning. “With prevention and recovery action, the recommendation can be done for people of all ages, mainly those subjected to environmental damages in large urban centers,” the dermatologist explains. U.SK Advanced Defense Booster can be used alternating with retinoids and alpha-hydroxyacids, in accordance with the dermatologist’s prescription. “The product is an important reinforcement in the control of melasma or treatment of stains and, since it has a calming effect, it is indicated to balance and to provide balance to skin treated with acids and retinoids, which have aggressive action to the skin,” she emphasizes.  With antioxidant and tissue repair action, it offers benefits when it is used in post dermatological procedure with equipment, due to the anti-inflammatory action of the maslinic acid and of the other benefits of the active ingredients that avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and antioxidant effect. U.SK Advanced Defense Booster has the airless bottle, which impedes the entry of air, and the fragrance of peony and black cheery remains as olfactory identity of the brand in the U.SK Anti-Aging collection as well.

Active ingredients

- U.SK Biocomplex™: exclusive complex of active ingredients prepared to recover from external damages. It has Olive leaf extract, biopeptides, micronutrients like Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Magnesium and vectorized hyaluronic acid with silicon. The formulation protects against microcontaminants (like PM 2.5) and UV radiation, dereases cell senescence, increases skin elasticity, inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme similar to that of Kojic acid with consequent depigmenting action. It protects proteins and enzymes against oxidation, favors neutralization of free radicals, it has antiglycating action superior to Vitamin E, stimulates cell division of the fibroblast and accelerates the formation of collagen and elastin and tissue regeneration.

- Ferulic Acid: nanoencapsulated, the acid has potent antioxidant and photoprotective action. The gradual and progressive release of the active ingredient favors its efficacy.

- Maslinic Acid: nanoencapsulated, the acid is a powerful regenerator (stimulus of cell Turn Over, renewing the epidermis with greater production of keratinocytes and fibroblasts), with anti-inflammatory action (reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines) and antioxidant, aside from promoting skin redensification with increase of elasticity, reducing redness at sundown and granting high moisturizing power.

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