Science behind the beauty

Experience radiant skin as enchanting as the purest of precious stones! This is the premise of U.SK UNDER SKIN, a brand that relies on excellence and a partnership with renowned Italian laboratory, Monteresearch. With over seven decades dedicated to research and development accompanied with our vast experience in biotechnology, we bring you our exclusive lines that embody U.SK UNDER SKIN.

U.SK | Anti-aging


We bring together classic dermatology concepts with exclusive innovative ingredients that produce multiple benefits and superiority in rejuvenating treatments such as:
• Protection and repair of environmental damage
• Enhanced UVA and UVB protection with the use of antioxidants
• Hyperpigmentation control, anti-inflammatory effects and strengthened immune defense.

U.SK | Revitalizing


Do-it-yourself combinations that maximize the benefits of cellular and biomolecular treatment of aging. Innovation in personalized skin treatments that act on each biological marker drop by drop to regain an exquisite youthful appearance.

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Is your skin oily and acne-prone or dry and rather sensitive?

Discover our new Cleaning & Toning line and the perfect product combination for your skin.

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Under Skin, The Science Behind The Beauty

U.SK is a premium dermocosmetics brand that combines science and effectiveness with sophistication and luxury.

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